KETO Carrot Cheese Cake

KETO Carrot Cheese Cake

This cake comes in a 8x8 inches pan.

This is your mama's typical carrot cake! The only difference is,... it is guil free!!!


NUTRITION FACTS: ( 1/16 of Carott Cake pan)
calorie: 200
protein: 5.5 g
net carb: 5 g
fiber: 10 g
fat: 5.2 g


Almond Flour, Pecan Flour, Erythritol, Xylitol, Egg, Cream Cheese, Carrot, Spices, Vanilla Beans, Salt



Keto friendly, Low carbs, Sugar free, Diabetic friendly, Grain free, Gluten free

Paleo, Ketogenic diet, DR Atkins diet, The South Beach diet, Healthy diet, High protein, 

Made to order, Fresh, Gourmet